Banks, asset managers, online brokers and financial advisors

our 100% behavioral Robo-Advisor is designed for you !


Make productivity gains and lower your costs

by digitizing your offer


Grab new markets and enhance your revenue

opening a new distribution channel


Welcome on Highwave Capital !

HighWave Capital is a 100% behavioral Robo-Advisor from the MiFid standard profiling questionnaire to asset allocation.
We are able to design our product according to your needs !

Whatever the model, BtoB, BtoBtoC, or white label, we shape our product, namely designs, features and interactions to your request.
You are a bank or an asset manager, an online broker or a financial advisor, we find the best solution to meet your clients needs !

Our expertise both in market finance and IT development will allow you to integrate our Robo-Advisor according to your needs.

A rewarded expertise

Use our 100% behavioral Robo-Advisor

From our digitized profiling questionnaire that assess risk aversion to asset allocation,
our Robo-Advisor applies Behavioral Finance principles.

Your clients risk perception is a crucial theme. Our questionnaire better assesses your clients risk aversion and profiles their whole psychology towards financial markets.

We use the latest Behavioral Finance academic research and 2002 Nobel Prize. But your clients will surf through our UX/UI design and,
user friendly web application.

Enhance your performance with our Robo-Advisor

Improve your client knowledge

Our behavioral and digital profiling tool will allow you to better understand your clients needs to better serve them.
Our goal: satisfying your customers.

Open a new distribution channel

Beyond your own marketing tools, our web application will allow you to open a new distribution channel.
Our goal: make your revenue growing.

Make productivity gains

Using our web app, your team will spend less time on tasks that can be computerized.
Our goal: lowering your costs.

Establish closer ties with your clients

Creating a digital link between your institution and your clients, you will endeavor to maintain a privileged relation.
Our goal: retain your customers.

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